Jaws – New Photographs of the Filming

This was a very good film indeed and extremely well made by Steven Spielberg and his crew.

These pictures are from a private collection and have apparently only just come  to light.



ABOVE: Relaxing on the beach – Steven Spielberg in the deck chair

Jaws 2

ABOVE: Popular tourist destination Martha’s Vineyard was taken over by trucks and huge wooden structures to help pull of the dramatic motion picture

Jaws 3


ABOVE: A black-and-white shot shows what Jaws look like in its entirety as the filmmakers film at an  island in Dukes County

Jaws 4


Oaks Bluffs harbour – fake fins were seen in the water and  kept  on accidentally sinking

Jaws 5


Some boat shots  AS ABOVE are from a time when a victim played by Teddy Grossman flips over in his boat and is eaten by the shark

Jaws 6

 ABOVE: Robert Shaw about to come to a really bad end

Jaws 11

Jaws 7

ABOVE – That same scene – a crew member in the shark’s mouth – setting up the scene

Jaws 8

The Above shot seems to show the shark of some kind of wheel and possibly resting between shots. The water doesn’t look that deep here though

Jaws 9

ABOVE – Just checking

Jaws 10



ABOVE: Director Steven Spielberg, camera operator Michael Chapman and cinematographer Bill Butler on the set of the Universal Pictures production

Jaws 12

A dramatic scene – the final confrontation










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