I went to see this film yesterday evening and it proved as always to be an action packed roller coaster ride which starts in Mexico City where we follow  Bond through a spectacular  street parade, into a hotel, up three floors, into a suite, out of the window and then – well the action starts and for many minutes does not stop – ending with a furious fight in a helicopter as it plunges and dives all over the place directly above the crowds.
Leya Seydoux

Film Director is  Sam Mendes along with  his brilliant cinematographer, Hoyte van Hoytema, who has shot SPECTRE on luxurious 35mm film. In the story  James Bond has gone to Mexico on the advice of M – not the Ralph Fiennes , but the Judi Dench , who in a posthumous message that has surfaced since Skyfall, asks him to do away with a contract killer, Sciarra, “and don’t miss his funeral”. Sciarra – or rather, his widow, Lucia,  played by Monica Bellucci – turns out to be complicit in  a conspiracy that loosely joins the events of the previous Daniel Craig films.  The trail leads Bond to a cabin on the shore of Lake Altaussee in Austria. The film’s main villain, Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), is involved with a global master plan. – leaving James Bond with a problem all over the world and even into his London heartland. However he eventually deals with it successfully. Cannot give too much away here. Spectre christoph waltz and daniel craig Above he is pictured with Daniel Craig I did not think that the villain Christoph Waltz was anything like as good as Javier Bardem in the previous film Skyfall. Bond's Aston Martin Above – The New Aston Martin used by James Bond

Ralph Fiennes was very good in his role as M I thought and Q is played brilliantly by the young Ben Whishaw – he has really made this part his own to such an extent that in this film he gets out and about in the field and is quite a major character.
Rory Kinnear however has a much reduced part in the film but what he does is very effective