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  1. Jingan Young says:

    Hello! I am a PhD researcher of Soho films – I came across your post on Carmen Dillon and wondered where you found the beautiful photographs of the Miracle in Soho set? Thank you!

  2. Lauria Galbraith says:

    Hello! I am wondering where you got that photo of Anthony Quayle and his family from your ‘Anthony Quayle and Dorothy Hyson’ post on January 25th, 2018? We are trying to track down copyright to use in a publication. Thank you!

  3. Movieman says:

    Karen, Thanks for your comments and Thanks for reading he Blog. I really don’t know if Alexander Korda did any pencil sketches but he was a man of many talents and so he could well have done. Actually I have a book about the film ‘Elephant Boy’ which was made by Alexander Korda and starred Sabu – and it has in it Sabu’s autograph. Sabu had quite a good film career as you will know, but he sadly died quite young. Neil

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