Whatever happenend to Joan Rice – New Pictures Just in

Joan Rice in Scotland on holiday
A friend if mine has an excellent Blog himself which is:-
which has been running for a few years and is all about the film The Story of Robin Hood 1952 which was a Walt Disney Live Action film made here in England.
It is a great film too and one of my own favourites starring Richard Todd and Joan Rice
Tony who writes this Blog received a letter with photographs about the lovely Joan Rice – someone we have featured before on this Blog – and no doubt will do again.This is the letter he received from Allan King :-
Recently I was contacted by Allan King, who told me had some pictures of Joan Rice (1930-1997) taken in the early 1970’s and would I like to see them? Of course I was thrilled to see pictures of Joan during a period of her life which has remained somewhat of a mystery.

This is what Allan says:

“My wife met Joan in 1970’ish (at work I think, but can’t remember where). We were friends for a few years and Joan managed the letting of our flat when we moved away from Maidenhead in 1976. We sold our place a couple of years later and lost touch. I have fond memories of a lovely lady. The photos were taken in 1971 on holiday in Scotland – the Isle of Islay. In the one with all four of us, I’m on the left with my wife, Helen. Joan’s boyfriend was . . . ? may have been Tony. He was Italian and worked at the Marlow restaurant she frequented.”
A very special thank you to Allan, for sharing his personal
photographs of Joan Rice with us.Her last movie ‘The Horror of Frankenstein’ was released in
December 1970 and shortly after she set up the ‘Joan Rice Bureau’
in Maidenhead, Berkshire. It was here that her office dealt with
real estate and property. But two years later, Joan returned to
acting, this time on stage at the Theatre Royal in Windsor and also in Norwich.
These are really unique pictures of the woman who a few years earlier had captivated us all when she played the part of  Maid Marian in the wonderful Walt Disney film – See above with Richard Todd in the film.
To read much much more about this film visitwww.disneysrobin.blogspot.com
I can recommend it !!!
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  1. Angelo Embracio says:

    Hi, I’m Angelo the “boyfriend “ in the photos above with Joan, Allan and Helen. Wonderful to see the pictures brings back memories. I lived with Joan in Maidenhead (Ray Park Avenue) and was her partner in the Joan Rice bureau which we opened together. I always kept in touch with Joan and knew her new husband as well. In later years Joan used to visit my then wife and I in Somerset, where I had my restaurant, Angelos. We remained friends until her death. Would love to be in contact with Allen & Helen. Helen used to help out in the Bureau when Joan went on tour. Would love to hear news of our then neighbours, (Barbieri) in Maidenhead.

    • Movieman says:

      Angelo. Thank you so much for your comment here. I have sent you a message direct on the email shown above. Yes I have now acquired Alan’s email for you.
      I would love to hear further from you by email. Films fans such as myself hold Joan Rice in high esteem for the films she made – particularly the really big ones ‘The Story of Robin Hood’ and ‘His Majesty O Keefe’ Thanks again. Neil

  2. Ejp murphy says:

    I met zjoan in a Pub in Maidenhead. She was a nice women . Quite a good actress. I think that was in the early 60s. I lived in Bourne End.met her a few times.

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