The CoronaVirus – Remember ‘Fiend Without a Face’

I am looking back to a great favourite of mine – which I find, in a way, links to the latest situation we are all in.

If you remember – in the film ‘Fiend Without a Face’ the attacks on the population were again from an unseen killer and it wasn’t until late in the film that we saw the face of the enemy.

Kynaston Reeves

It starred among others Kynaston Reeves – to me famous for playing Quelch in the BBC Series ‘Billy Bunter’ although in practise he didn’t play the part that many times – only around 16 times – and this film came a little later.

Marshall Thompson

A British made ‘Horror’ film with quite good special effects and it had Marshall Thompson in the starring role with Kim Parker – she was a nice looking stress who was very good in this – She had a brief film career and didn’t make that many after this one.

She had been born in Austria

Another Victim

I remember when first viewing this film, we had no idea what was going on and how the victims were killed but gradually we began to see and when we did it was quite horrific – maybe by today’s standards a bit tame but I like it

Now what a Double Feature this would have been ABOVE

I thought that the Haunted Strangler must have been a film before or shortly after the war but in face it was made in 1958 about the same time as Fiend Without a Face. The fact that  it starred Boris Karloff, Elizabeth Allan and Jean Kent made me make the assumption as they all seemed to be actors of an era before this.

The Film was actually released here as ‘Grip of the Strangler’ and was produced  in England

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