Apache Territory 1958

Until I watched this on Television today, it was not a Western Film that I knew – but in all fairness it was a good one, very much Cowboys and Indians in a fight to a finish but it was action packed with good studio sets cut in with location shots which all seemed to work well whilst also looking good.

Rory Calhoun was not a top line film actor, but the roles he played in films such as Apache Territory suited him well. He was a handsome and capable actor who made reasonably good Westerns and this is a good example.

Mind you it should have suited him because the film was made by his own Production Company Rorvic Productions and released through Colombia Pictures.

For Rorvic Productions Rory Calhoun starred in all they ever made Flight to Hong Kong in 1956 then The Hired Gun and The Domino Kid in 1957 lastly this one ‘Apache Territory’ in 1958.

Then they went into Television with ‘The Texan’ again with Rory Calhoun – after this he went back to films

Apache Territory is a basic story of a group of people in the desert surrounded by a horde of Apache indians intent on doing them harm. John Dehner and Leo Gordon -two extremely competent character actors- add to the film.

The two leading ladies were Barbara Bates and Carolyn Craig who played very well here and looked lovely – even when under great pressure from an Indian attack.

ABOVE – Rory Calhoun and BELOW Barbara Bates meet again – they have know one another before it seems

Preparing for a fight

Rory and Barbara talk about ‘old times’

They seem to have been thrown back together and talking things through

BELOW – An Indian Attack

ABOVE – Barbara Bates, Carolyn Craig and Tom Pittman

ABOVE – A lovely actress Carolyn Craig

ABOVE – Preparing to ride away

Tom Pittman (March 16, 1932 – October 31, 1958) was an American film and television actor. He died in a motor car accident at the age of 26

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