Quatermass 11

This film was released in 1957 – it followed the famous Television serial on BBCTV here in England


Above – The Trailer to the film

Quatermass 2

 Above: Brian Donlevy and a young Michael Ripper

Quatermass 2 A


Quatermass 2 B

The Television serial was rivetting over 6 weeks and this film version followed shortly afterwards. It starred Brian Donlevy in the role of Professor Quatermass – whereas on TV he was played by John Robinson who, it seems, had quite a busy career on Television and in some films but apparently the Producers thought an American in this  film part would help sell the film in the USA.

This was not a view shared by Nigel Kneale the writer who did not think that Brian Donlevy was the man for the part – although others disagreed.    In fact he is the only man to have played the Professor twice on film – as he had done in the previous one The Quatermass Experiment.

Quatermass 2 C

These films did well at the Box Office and on imdb both Films  seem to get generally favourable reviews and people seemed to have enjoyed them.

I can go back to the Television series and as a small boy both this one and The Quatermass Experiment scared me stiff. I was older when Quatermass and The Pit came on TV but probably that one was the scariest of all.




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