Westerns – Filming those Action Packed Scenes

Filming locations for Westerns often took place at the Studio’s own Ranch facilities – many of the Film Studios had such property particularly in the early 50s when so many Western films were made



Warner Brothers Film Ranch   Above – We see The Warner Brothers ranch in the Casabasas Hills being used for a big scene in Only The Valiant Only the Valiant   Only the Valiant 2

And above two shots from the scene being filmed in Only The Valiant

Only the Valiant 3


Below – We see outdoor action scenes actually being filmed :


Stampede released in 1949 – This  was the big fight scene which takes place in a River between Rod Cameron and Don Curtis as we see it on the screen

Stampede 2  

Above: Behind the scenes a shivering Rod Cameron watches as Director Leslie Selander along with Don Curtis – shows them how he wants the next take to be done.

Stampede 3


The bottom picture shows how the bedraggled fighters take a breather before going back in the water to do it all again or maybe just add another clip.


ABOVE Three Scenes from Stampede released in 1949       Best of the Bad Men filming 1951

Claire Trevor above in Best of the Bad Men – a Technicolor film

Arizona Roundup Filming 1951


Arizona Roundup – above.


The Palomino filming


Up close to a fist fight in The Palomino


The Palomino 1950


This is the shot they got ABOVE



The Palomino 1950 2

The Palomino 1950 3


The Film Stills  for the film The Palomino 1950

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