Two Colour Plates from the films

The colour pictures of the day in the early fifties, were always very bright and equally glossy almost reflecting the Technicolor Films of that era, which had colour in my view unsurpassed

Errol Flynn with an unknown Indian in Rocky Mountain ABOVE

Although this is a great colour shot, the film was actually released in Black and White – it starred Errol Flynn and his wife Patrice Wymore – I believe he met her whilst working together on this film

It is possible to get hold of a colorised DVD of this one I am led to believe.

The Adventurers with Dennis Price filmed in South Africaagain this film was released in Black and White – and when you look at this wonderful colour picture above, it makes you wonder just why that was. It seemed to be in those days, that there were tight budgets and making a film in Technicolor was an expensive process – but surely it would have been worth it. After all King Solomons Mines was released at a similar time, filmed in Africa in Technicolor – and that film did very well indeed at the Box Officeand looked good.

Mind you another British film in Africa a couple of years before was ‘Diamond City’ again released in Black and White – and again that did not do well at all and lost money – as I expect this one did.

Dennis Price meeting local children in South Africa.

There was superb location work by veteran cameraman Ossie Morris; combining the inhospitable terrain – oppressively hot – with the squabbling amongst a small, ill-matched group searching for treasure.

Much of the South African filming was done in and around the Drakensberg Mountains

ABOVE – The Drakensberg Mountains

I did see The Adventurers described as a ‘Western set in South Africa’ but this is not a film that I have seen so can’t really comment on that – however a film made a decade of more later was given a similar tag – and that one was ‘The Hellions’ filmed in the country but not in this area.

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