To Catch a Thief – Alfred Hitchcock

Interesting to see some of the scenes being filmed – first BELOW with the enormous VistaVision Camera. These scenes would have been done at Paramount Studios in Hollywood where much of the film was made

Grace Kelly looking beautiful as always

Cary Grant would go on to work again for Hitchcock in ‘North By North West’ a few years later but Grace Kelly finished her film career with this one.

Hitchcock however looked around for a ‘replacement’ and Tippi Hedren was spotted – someone with no acting or film experience.

Nevertheless she was coached and trained in acting in preparation for her starring role in ‘The Birds’ a few years later. Hitchcock invested heavily in his new protege and signed her to a 5 year contract which should have been good news for this young actress, but after he made ‘full on’ unwanted advances to her – which were quickly and firmly re-buffed – he barely ever spoke to her again. She did star in ‘Marnie’ for him but after that – nothing. Hitchcock was approached by other companies with a view to casting her but he refused all such requests. By the time her contract was over and she was free, she was no longer in demand – so he had effectively made her career and then destroyed it

ABOVE = Alfred Hitchcock’s name above the title

I have included the above because I find it fascinating to look back on the newspaper advertisements of the day to see what was on, and with which film and where

I have not seen this film in 3D but have just sent for the 3D Blu Ray so, all being well, I might shortly be able to report on it. Like most of us, I know the film well.

Apparently initially when the film was released the 3D craze was on it’s way out – very surprising to me as I loved it – and soon after it reverted to a normal ‘flat’ style. Hitchcock is reported as saying that he always though that 3D would be a nine day wonder – and added that the trouble was that this film came out on the 9th day !!

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