The Titfield Thunderbolt – Again

No apologies for going back to this lovely Technicolor Film with a typically English feel to it – and filmed in summertime in the glorious English Countryside.

These pictures and snippets of information are taken from an article written by Hugh Samson dated August 1952 who had travelled down to Limpley Stoke Nr Bath and then to the disused railway track at Monckton Combe Station between  Limpley Stoke and Camerton that Ealing Studios had taken over for the filming.

Titfield Thunderbolt


ABOVE – George Relph has time for a drink on a hot English summer day

Titfield Thunderbolt 2

 ABOVE – Stanley Holloway seems to be enjoying his pack up – I think we see him along with others, being given this in a picture below

Titfield Thunderbolt 3


ABOVE – John Gregson always appears very self confident as he does here

Titfield Thunderbolt 4


ABOVE – Stanley Holloway seems to be collecting  his pack up – along with others working on the film – we see him eating it above


Titfield Thunderbolt 5


ABOVE – Hugh Griffith doing a spot of poaching in the film

Titfield Thunderbolt 6


ABOVE – Make-up man Harry Frampton ( with scarf) and Naunton Wayne resting between scenes as they await the arrival of the  ‘Thunderbolt’.

Titfield Thunderbolt 7


ABOVE – George Relph chatting with Film Director Charles Crichton

Titfield Thunderbolt 8

ABOVE – Dummies are being used as passengers for a long-shot on the Thunderbolt as it draws the train to Titfield Station



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  1. Robert says:

    Can you tell me please where can I find the Hugh Samson article.?

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