The Studio Tank at Pinewood – and other model ships in films


Pinewood   Studios  are now – and have been for some time – one of the World’s leading Film production facilities. As we all know most of the Bond Films have been done here after those exotic location trips have been completed.



The large lake at Pinewood and behind it the big blue background to allow the Special Effects to be added later

Model Boat on filming location

ABOVE – Not sure where this is but another model shot being prepared


Above and Below – In a friends garden – he purchased this large model which had been used in the later ‘Hornblower’ TV Series – a lot of the model work filmed on the Black Sea.

Hornblower 2

BELOW – Giving a scale to this model, we see preparations being made for it to put to sea.


Hornblower 3

BELOW –  ‘Raise The Titanic’

Raise The Titanic

ABOVE – a large replica of the  Titanic used in the Film ‘Raise the Titanic’

Years late Sir Lew Grade who had financed this British Made Film

which was a financial flop commented that ‘t would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic’


Raise The Titanic 2

A 10-tonne 50 ft scale model was also built for the scene where the Titanic is raised to the surface. Costing $7 million, the model initially proved too large for any existing water tank.

This problem led to one of the world’s first horizon tanks being constructed at the Mediterranean Film Studios in Malta. I think I have read very recently that this Studio Horizon Tank Facility in Malta is up for sale





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