The Shaggy Dog 1959 Walt Disney

How Walt Disney must have been overjoyed with the reception from the public for this film and although it was made on a relatively low budget, and the impression is that the Disney organisation did not have in mind an outstanding success, in fact it did have just that.

It proved to be one of the biggest Box Offices winners of the year – and was more successful than Ben Hur which had a huge budget and much publicity.

Fred MacMurray starred in his first of quite a few films for Walt Disney – in fact he was Walt’s favourite actor and no wonder if he produced this sort of result.

Fred MacMurray

“The Shaggy Dog” is a delightful live-action comedy, the first of many to emerge from the Walt Disney Studios during the late 50s onwards.

It is an innocent comedy and has near perfect performances from a cast of film veterans.

It’s a wonderfully entertaining Disney family film and it holds up quite well today. It certainly hit the jackpot

Just in case someone might think that this success was a fluke – the film was re-issued in 1967 on a Double Bill with ‘The Absent Minded Professor’ – and again it did ‘smash hit’ business

A 1967 Double Bill smash hit from Walt Disney

There is a colorised version of this film available

The Shaggy Dog – ABOVE looking quite mischievous

Fred MacMurray in a very happy mood
Fred MacMurray in what looks to be a ‘tight situation’
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