The Secret of Treasure Mountain 1956 – Press Book

This is a film I keep coming back to – a film that has stayed with me from my young days and one which I have witten about on here before that I just could not identify because I did not know the title. It was only a chance request from a friend who asked me to obtain  a copy of a Glenn Ford film called ‘Lust for Gold’ so when it duly arrived  sat down and watched it to find that scenes of an Indian attack in a very impressive  and large studio set I had seen before – and  knew that I had not seen Lust for Gold’ before.

On searching further I found that certain action  scenes from Lust for Gold had been used in  ‘The Secret of Treasure Mountain’ – and these were the scenes. From that knowledge I had the film title that I had wanted. That was not the end the story because this film was not out on DVD nor was it attainable in any way – until out of the blue a 16 mm film appeared on one of the well known sites online – so I bought it.

A local colleague transferred it to DVD for me but almost simultaneously  a DVD copy had been released by a specialist company in the USA – so I bought that.

The Press Book which accompanied this film is one that recently came into my possession – it is not one of the best nor the most original but nevertheless it is a fascinating item as it gives us some more details on the film.


The Secret of Treasure Mountain 2


One little snippet from the book – the production company were on location when they filmed a scene where William Prince was to be attacked by a rattlesnake – however the snake which had been acquired from a local zoo just went into hibernation when the location action was due to be done so this had to be filmed again back at the Columbia Ranch in warmer temperatures. This allowed the sequence to be completed.

The Secret of Treasure Mountain


The Press Book tells us that Valerie French was a young English Actress who had made her Hollywood film debut in Jubal – a Western starring Glenn Ford.

The Secret of Treasure Mountain


The Secret of Treasure Mountain – William Prince is a young stage and screen actor who coincidentally had made his last film appearance in Lust for Gold – so he had fought the Indian battle twice on screen it seems

The Secret of Treasure Mountain 2


The Secret of Treasure Mountain – Raymond Burr played the baddie in this one as he tended to do – this was just before he gained International TV success as Perry Mason and later Ironside.



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