The Saint – The Imprudent Politician

What a cast here to join Roger Moore in this 1964 episode of The Saint. We have Anthony Bate, Michael Gough, Justine Lord and Jean Marsh among others who were all first rate actors and who did this episode proud.

The Imprudent Politician’ is Christopher Waites (Anthony Bate) a minister for the treasury department.

He is facing demands for blackmail for the sum of £1 million. Not because he is a married man having an affair with a young woman. It is because he gave her a letter with market sensitive financial information. She made money on the stock exchange from it.

The blackmailers tell Waites that he will not need to pay the money over. They just want to catch sight of a letter he will receive in advance. That too contains market sensitive material. Enough for the blackmailers to make a killing in the markets.

The courier who brings the letter to Waites is killed while Waites held a party for some assorted guests. The Saint who was invited found the dead man.

Eventually Waites asks for the Saint’s help.

A pretty good adventure. and one in which Simon Templar gets involved in several fights.

Templar quickly figures out that Waites girlfriend was involved with the blackmailers. It was the reason why she never got rid off the letter. Templar is convinced that someone close to Waites is directing the blackmailers

One thing I latched onto here was that Anthony Bate and Justine Lord had been cast together in ‘Act of Murder’ one of the Edgar Wallace supporting films – and one of the very best. In that she was his wife but in this, she was his mistress. I am not sure which one was made first – I have an idea it was ‘Act of Murder’

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  1. Robert says:

    Love the Saint, Roger Moore was made for the part I wish he had carried on with series into the 70s.
    And George Sanders made the best film Saint.

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