The Mississippi Gambler 1953

This Technicolor Western is due for release on Blu Ray soon

Directed by Rudolph Maté
Starring Tyrone Power, Piper Laurie, Julie Adams, John McIntire, Paul Cavanagh, John Baer, Ron Randell, Ralph Dumke

Rudolph Maté’s The Mississippi Gambler (1953) to be released on Blu Ray Blu — and that’s good news

We could ask the question “Why is this called a Western?” Well, does it really matter !!


THE MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER is a 1953 period adventure drama. Set in the pre-Civil War days, the action takes place in and around New Orleans, and on the riverboats that paddled the regional waters.

Tyrone Power seems perfectly cast in the title role, and seems to win the admiration or envy, love or loathing of all he meets, including Piper Laurie, Paul Cavanaugh, and a batch of Universal players including —William Reynolds, Dennis Weaver, Guy Williams, Ron Randell among them.


Rudolph Mate directed with some pace with duels, brawls and a voodoo dance from Gwen Verdon .


The film is in glorious Technicolor and benefits from above-average costume design and set decor.

A running time of 99 minutes, with Julie Adams, John McIntire, John Baer, King Donovan and Anita Ekberg . A Successful production (took in over $6,600,000) and was Oscar nominated for its Sound Quality

Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
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