The Hawk of Wild River 1952

I don’t know this one at all and can’t recall it being at the Cinema even but maybe that is because it had a running time of around 53 minutes, so definitely a supporting film.

I have managed to cobble together details of the film from other sources

Directed by Fred F. Sears

Charles Starrett starred in The Durango Kid, in 1940. Columbia didn’t get around to The Return Of The Durango Kid until 1945. By the time the series was shut down in 1952, Columbia had released 65 Durango Kid films — at which point Charles Starrett retired from films.

The Hawk Of Wild River (1952) has a terrific cast with Jack Mahoney and Clayton Moore . Of course, Jack Mahoney had been part of the series for quite a while, stuntman for Charles Starrett.

After being replaced by John Hart for the third season of The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore went back to work in a lot of Westerns.

In The Hawk Of Wild River, he is The Hawk, a half-breed bandit who’s as proficient with a bow and arrow as he is with a six-gun – almost seems like another Tonto which would have been or appeared bizarre.

US Marshal Steve Martin (Charles Starrett) is sent to the town of Wild River to stop a run of stagecoach robberies by The Hawk and his gang. The Hawk has been killing off Wild River’s sheriffs.

When Steve hits town, the acting sheriff is Jack Mahoney (Jock Mahoney). The Durango Kid captures The Hawk and once he’s in jail, Martin gets himself arrested and thrown into The Hawk’s cell, never revealing that he’s a law man. They escape and Martin joins The Hawk’s gang — and eventually they bring the outlaws to justice.

Smiley Burnette is hypnotised and convinced he’s an Indian chief. ABOVE

Running just 53 minutes, The Hawk Of Wild River is really one for the children. The usual things are in place: Smiley Burnett in the usual comedy role, and lots of riding, fighting and shooting. Director Fred F. Sears keeps the action moving at a quick pace.

Fred F. Sears started out working as a character actor before eventually climbed into the director’s chair. From there, he became a fixture in Sam Katzman’s unit at Columbia until he died in his office on the lot in 1957

This film must have been made around the time that Jack Mahoney was starring in the well known TV series ‘The Range Rider’ – in fact looking this up it seems he was doing that series at this time – he must have been busy then but I suppose as a working film actor you had to take the opportunities that came along while your popularity was high

The Range Rider

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