The Forsyte Saga – Errol Flynn 1949


Errol Flynn was in fact, very good as Soames Forsyte in the Hollywood version of the Book that was adapted so successfully a few years late for BBC Television in Britain.  This film went under the title of ‘That Forsyte Woman’ but I can’t think why – maybe they thought The Forsyte Saga would be a bit too formal for the viewing audiences back in 1949. It seems like a mistake to me.

It shows on the picture below that it got a Royal Film Performance with the title  The Forsyte Saga

The Forsyte Saga Irene was played in this film by Greer Garson.

This is one of the few non-swashbuckling films for  Errol Flynn and one where he plays a character  who is not that appealing . He rises to the occasion and does it not merely well but really well.   Because he was so good at using his natural athletic abilities in costume dramas, he rarely got the meaty roles such as this one. Greer Garson is good..  Robert Young as Philip Bosinney is OK although I did feel he was mis-cast in this part – possibly my judgement is impaired by the actor who later  played him in the Television version – John Bennett

This film is beautifully photographed in Technicolor with lush costumes but it’s Errol Flynn who steals the show– without even trying.

Filming took place from January to March 1949  with the two stars being recalled for reshoots in June.  However it was released in August 1949 – a quick turn around

Errol Flynn and Greer Garson got along surprisingly well during filming and discussed making another film together – but that never happened

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