The Flame and the Arrow 1950

Now here is an action packed, adventure tale that lives up to all schoolboy hopes – when we were taken to see this we were just wide-eyed and totally overawed – it was just brilliant.

Here is one stunt BELOW – done by Burt Lancaster which, at the time was just so impressive in that woodland setting – a studio set but again just how good that was.

Burt Lancaster falls backwards with a back flip onto the ground BELOW

Backward Drop in The Flame and The Arrow | First Impressions

Virginia Mayo starred alongside Burt Lancaster

I am not familiar with the musical score from the film but it must have been pretty exceptional to be released as a record at that time

I have used this picture before – showing a wonderful Matte Painting shot very early in the film

Also I have come across this picture – BELOW of Burt Lancaster with Nick Cravat – I felt sure that this still is from ‘The Crimson Pirate’ made a little later, but now it seems that this is from ‘The Flame and the Arrow’ – I still have my doubts though

BELOW – I have cropped the picture a little to see how it would have looked on the screen – although a still photographer is in the foreground – doing a good job I am sure

The Flame and the Arrow – in fact it seems the photographer did do a very good job – picture BELOW

The Flame and the Arrow

We keep coming up with these Double Bill promotions – what about this one for two great adventures stories :-

A really good promotion I reckon – both these films excellent, colourful and action packed – with Joan Rice in there too in the South Sea Islands‘His Majesty O’Keefe’ of course

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