The Beast of Hollow Mountain 1956



Directed by Edward Nassour and Ismael Rodríguez
Produced: Edward Nassour and William Nassour
Screenplay by Robert Hill and Jack DeWitt
From a story by H. O’Brien
Music by Raúl Lavista
Cinematography: Jorge Stahl
Special Effects: Louis DeWitt, Jack Rabin and Henry Sharp

CAST: Guy Madison (Jimmy Ryan), Patricia Medina (Sarita), Carlos Rivas (Felipe Sanchez), Eduardo Noriega (Enrique Rios).


The Beast Of Hollow Mountain (1956) finds Guy Madison stars as an American rancher in Mexico who is very concerned that his  cattle are going missing — and eventually comes face to face with a dinosaur. (It takes place at the turn of the century.)

There is a lot to recommend The Beast Of Hollow Mountain. It’s got cowboys and a dinosaur.  It was filmed in Mexico and based on a story by Willis O’Brien, who spent years trying to raise the money to make the film himself –  unsuccessfully as it turned out. It’s got Patricia Medina from Botany Bay 1951 in it. Once it finally gets to the dinosaur, it really delivers the goods — although  the special effects are not that good..

The Valley Of Gwangi(1969) is a better-mounted version of O’Brien’s story, with excellent stop motion stuff from Ray Harryhausen. However, it doesn’t offer as much  fun. Beast Of Hollow Mountain comes from a real sweet spot in Guy Madison’s career. He’d just done The Command (1954) and 5 Against The House (1955), and he’d follow this oddball sci-fi Western with two of his finest films — Reprisal! (1956) and The Hard Man (1957), both directed by George Sherman for Columbia.


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