Tammy 1957 – with Debbie Reynolds

I often see this billed as ‘Tammy and the Bachelor’ but as I remember it’s release here it was as ‘Tammy’ – and I think that is better.

An Unlikely Double Bill in England

Debbie Reynolds had been around in films for a few years when she made ‘Tammy’ which proved to be one of the biggest money-making releases of 1957 – released by Columbia Pictures who must have been well pleased.

In it she plays an unsophisticated backwoods girl who rescues wealthy Leslie Nielsen from a plane crash and so, because of this, and to show his appreciation she is invited to visit and stay at Brentwood Hall – his plantation but at the same time as this her grandfather played by Walter Brennan is arrested for selling illegal corn liquor.

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy ABOVE AND BELOW with Leslie Nielsen

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy

At Brentwood Hall, Leslie Nielsen’s family include Fay Wray as his Mother and Sidney Blackmer – his Dad along with Mildred Nantwick as his maiden aunt and the way that Debbie Reynolds fits into this odd situation is really what the film is about. While she is there, Tammy’s refreshing naivety and charm somehow mesmerise the ill prepared family and gradually they all seem to start to come alive and follow their dreams and they all, in their different ways, find the happiness and fulfilment they were maybe seeking all thanks to Tammy

The only one less than happy is Leslie Nielsen’s fiancée played by Mala Powers.

Tammy falls in love with Leslie Nielsen and him with her, and so we are set for what the punters wanted – a happy ending.

Debbie Reynolds also sang the title song ‘Tammy’ and the record realeased on the Coral label was a big hit both sides of the Atlantic Ocean – I do remember that Buddy also recorded on the Coral label which would have been very much at the same time again with great success.

I wonder if they met ?

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy – ABOVE with Leslie Neilsen and Mildred Natwick

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy – above with Leslie Nielsen

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy

Debbie Reynolds as Tammy

Debbie Reynolds was an actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood, who could keep up with some of the biggest stars in history.

Later in her career she became a collector

She virtually became the patron saint of film costume history. When the MGM Studios decided to auction off or give away all those iconic costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood Debbie Reynolds literally emptied her bank account and purchased a great many of them. Without her foresight and determination, the loss of these costumes would have been one of the greatest tragedies in film history.

Her efforts to preserve the work of famous Hollywood designers and anonymous wardrobe assistants alike deserves all the praise it gets.

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