SS GB and – Went the Day Well ?

This evening we see the BBC Television adaptation of SS GB telling the fictional story of the Nazis in control of London – from the novel by Len Deighton.


This reminds me of an earlier film telling the story of a platoon of soldiers drafted into a sleepy English village – Bramley End – during the War – nothing strange about that event you would think – but all is not what it seems. What we see next is some of the villagers noticing things about these soldiers that does not quite add up – small and unusual things at first – noticed primarily by some of the women. Soon this builds to a realisation of what is going on – and the film reaches its climax with the battle for Bramley End as it became known. At times chilling and violent which is even further magnified by the fact that all this is going on in a little, very civilised English village. A Masterpiece of Cinema.

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