Somewhere in Camp – Frank Randle 1942

We go back quite a bit with this one.   ‘Somewhere in Camp’  was on Talking Pictures a few weeks ago – from The old Mancunian Film Studios  headed by Johnny Blakely. 
In many ways dated , with  cheap  production values this was nevertheless film gold for nostalgia buffs.  
It starred the now forgotten comedian Harry Korris and the better remembered Frank Randle who was very popular at the time. 
Frank Randal had quite a following – his humour though was pure music hall. 
 Somewhere in Camp

One of those films – so bad it was good.   It also starred a  very attractive girl singer called  Antionette Lupino –  or Toni Lupino.  who was a cousin of the much more famous Ida Lupino.
 It was second features like this that helped keep up morale in those dark Wartime days. 
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