So Little Time

This is a very good film but one which, for whatever reason, did not do well at the Box Office. It has been shown recently on Talking Pictures and is recommended viewing.

It is a World War II film set in occupied Belgium which has an unusual plot for the time – about a good German officer, Colonel von Hohensee played by Marius Goring, who is appointed Military Governor of Brussels, and falls in love with a Belgian girl, Nicole ( Maria Schell). After a time, Nicole is approached by the Resistance movement and told to steal some documents from Colonel Hohensee

ABOVE – Barbara Mullen being questioned by a German Soldier

Above – That same scene

Without a doubt one of Maria Schell’s greatest roles.

ABOVE with Marius Goring

This film was a personal favourite of Marius Goring who had these words to say – ‘A touching little film . . . Maria Schell was beautiful and extremely good. It was too soon after the war and people still thought every German was a horror. A year later, and it would have been all right.’

Marius Goring was also great in his role – it was an uncharacteristic part for him.

These stills are obviously in Colour – but the film was not

They share a love of music

A Film well worth seeking out – Two actors at the top of their game here with a good and strong supporting cast

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