So Little Time 1952 – Location work in Belgium

Even though this was a Box Office disappointment at the time of it’s release, this film has very recently found the popularity that it always should have had.

When the film was being made, a crew of about 25 or more technicians went out to Belgium and stayed in a hotel in Brussels. One or two of the outdoor scenes were filmed around the outskirts of Brussels. Close by the small town of Leau with a population of about 2000 people, about 45 miles from Brussels, was where around 4 days of filming was done.

Other important scenes were around the Chateau de Sterrebecke. This Chateau was the real centre of filming although already the interiors had been constructed at Elstree film studios.

The steps up to the Chateau with the railings can clearly be seen in the film – SEE BELOW

The Chateau used in a scene from the film ‘So Little Time’ 1952
The Chateau as it is today
The Chateau as it is today
The Balcony and Steps with the handrails are clearly to be seen – as they were in the film

Twenty Five minutes of film were shot on location in Belgium which led to about 15 minutes being used in the final film.

ABOVE – The Nazi flag flies from the Town Hall and the names of the executed townsfolk appear on the notice board

ABOVE – Maria Schell, the only artist to stay with the unit during location work, in a scene where she reads that, among others, her father is among the dead.

Both Barbara Mullen and Marius Goring were out there in Belgium and both were in some of the scenes shot there.

Back st Elstree BELOW as Director Compton Bennett who had been out to Brussels for the filming, is seen here back at Elstree discussing the piano playing sequence with Maria Schell and Marius Goring

This was Compton Bennett’s very next film after he had directed the ‘blockbuster’ at the Box Office – ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ 1950

He must have been in Hollywood then because just before that he had directed ‘The Forsyte Saga’ with Greer Garson and Errol Flynn as Soames – a part he was very good in.

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