Sean Connery has died

It is with sadness we learn of the death of Bond actor Sean Connery at the age of 90.

As this Blog is of the 50’s era, I will just concentrate on his career during that period.

One of his early roles was in ‘Hell Drivers’ along with Stanley Baker, and not long afterwards he headed for Hollywood for Walt Disney to appear in ‘Darby O’Gill and the Little People’ and a year or less after that he came to a sticky end when Tarzan fired an arrow into him in ‘Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure’

ABOVE – Sean Connery will soon be killed off by Tarzan

Sean Connery in action as a baddie in Tarzans Greatest Adventure

Here he is with Anthony Quayle who looks very menacing – ABOVE Tarzan eventually deals with them both

It was while filming the Tarzan adventure that he got wind of – and got the part of James Bond. I have read that he was wanted again for another Tarzan picture – but of course instead of that, he would have this much more famous role to play

BELOW – ‘Darby O’Gill and the Little People’

He had a singing role in ‘Darby O’Gill’ and in fairness looked very youthful and was good as was his co-star Janet Munro who went on to make more films for Walt Disney

Sean Connery enjoys a tender moment with Janet Munro – ABOVE

I love this scene right at the end of the film – a Happy Ending

In ‘Hell Driver’s – BELOW

In his private life, he tends not to get such star treatment – I think of his ex wife Diane Cilento – I have visited her home and her Karnak Theatre up inland of Mossman in Queensland Australia – she did not have a high opinion of him, although she did, in fairness say that they had a very happy marriage until the Bond era began and then they just could hardly leave the house without reporters surrounding them which put a huge strain on them both.

Much later Roald Dhal who had been the script writer for one of the Bond films was somewhat underwhelmed by Sean Connery, who he saw a lot of during filming. Roald Dahl certainly didn’t have a high opinion of him.

We must put these thoughts aside though at this time – he has died and we must remember that he did contribute greatly to the British Film industry and he has to be remembered as one of the most successful stars of that era.

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