Sandra Dee – If a Man Answers

I can’t remember if I ever saw this film – if not it was probably the trailer that I saw – and they seemed to be extremely good at selling the next week’s film and I reckon it was the trailer I saw and not the film.  Bobby Darin who was Sandra Dee’s husband at the time starred in this one.

Image: Sandra Dee

This is a fan’s comment as below – and very good it is :-

This delightful, romantic, funny romp is now available on DVD (as are “Come September” and “That Funny Feeling”), so people can indulge in this fun fest and the chemistry between Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin (then married in real life).

The plot concerns a wealthy young socialite, Chantal Stacy (the lovely and priceless Dee) who as trouble finding Mr. Right, until she meets photographer Eugene Wright (the cute and hilarious Darin). After she marries him, she tries to use her mother’s advice by treating him like a pet, thinking that will make him a more affectionate and attentive husband. It works for a while, until Chantal spills her “secret” to her school friend (a young Stefanie Powers), who, just slightly tipsy, lets Eugene in on it, and leaving Chantal to find a different way to get his attention. Again, she turns to her mother for advice for some jealousy tactics. Micheline Presle is a gem as Chantal’s mother, while John Lund is perfect as Chantal’s protective father. And Cesar Romero is impeccable as Eugene’s “dirty old man” artist father taking part in one of the schemes. And the cute dogs and the new little “addition” to the family . . . . .

Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin were an adorable couple, and this movie confirms it. Don’t listen to the critics’ opinions about this blast from the past – it’s a jewel. It’s great that so many of these older movies are being released on DVD, as they so justly deserve to be. Now a whole new generation can enjoy them!


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