Rondo Hatton

On the screen he was a thug, a convict, a leper and a psychopathic killer. Off screen, he was the son of well respected parents – he was a shy and devout man who had been an exceptional athlete, an esteemed journalist, and above all a beloved friend and wonderful husband.

Rondo Hatton achieved a distinction that survives to this day.

He played his most famous role as The Creeper towards the tail end of the Hollywood horror cycle

The ABOVE Picture story tells in very simple terms the The Rondo Hatton Story – a very sad one really for such a nice person

He later took the role of The Creeper again in ‘Brute Man’ and this seemed to be teamed up with quite a lot of different films on release, so it really was shown over and over again over a long period

ABOVE – The film trailer

Rondo Hatton began acting in films in 1930. During the 30s and 40s he was mainly seen in small roles, always cast in similar roles to The Creeper. He had contracted acromegaly after being gassed during the First world War which led to his being deformed facially and otherwise, and he won these roles because of that – What a sad fact !

In 1944 he was cast as The Hoxton Creeper in a Sherlock Holmes film, The Pearl of Death, and achieved brief stardom-or at least cult stardom-until his early death from a heart attack at age 52 in 1946 shortly after this, his last film, was released.

In real life he was a wonderful and gentle man, and a loving and loved husband. This is how he should be remembered

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