Richard Todd as Robin Hood

This is a picture I have never seen before and must have been taken around the time that Richard Todd was making the film ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ for Walt Disney at Denham Film Studios in the Summer of 1951

There seems to be loads of pictures about this film – not sure that this is an official one though.

The ones BELOW are from the Walt Disney promotion of the Film

The Image ABOVE appeared on the original Video release in 1983

‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ – Walt Disney Production was not often shown after it’s original 1952 release Worldwide although it was re-released in England in the Seventies as a supporting film to ‘Scandalous John’ starring Brian Keith which came out in 1971 and did not fare well at the Box Office – although I have read this very good review of the film :-

‘Scandalous John is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. The crazy adventures that John McCanless lives with his ranch worker Paco while taking John’s only cow to sell it and get money to save his home are hilarious.

Brian Keith is terrific as the loud and unpredectible John McCanless. This film is the story of Don Quixote set in the early 1970’s of the American West, with John McCanless has the crazy Don Quixote and Alfonso Arau has his sidekick Paco Martínez. If you want to see a great comedy and have a great time, watch Scandalous John’

Well, as ABOVE, that is someone’s review of the film – and it sounds good. I must watch it when I get chance but it is a film that I can’t recall being on Television

The ABOVE Advertisement shows – as it should do – Joan Rice raised to the Star Billing that she deserves – sometimes nowadays, we see the film coming up on Television and she is not mentioned.

In the 1952 release it was very much – Richard Todd and Joan Rice whose names were, rightly to the fore

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