‘Quantez’ and ‘The Land Unknown’

Looks like a cracking good double bill here with ‘Quantez’ a Western starring Fred McMurray and Dorothy Malone supported by ‘The Land Unknown’ with Jack Mahoney

‘Quantez’ produced one critical comment at the time ‘Static, turgid, claptrap’ which someone else described as ‘generous’

I personally have not yet seen it so am in no position to comment.

The review goes on to say that ‘Producer Gordon Kay misapplied the talents of Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Malone, James Barton, Sydney Chaplin, John Gavin, John Larch and Michael Ansara in a screenplay by R.Wright Campbell from a story by Campbell and Ann Edwards, which suffered among other things from verbal diarrhoea. The story is all about a band of bickering outlaws who are holed up in a ghost town surrounded by Apaches – after robbing a bank.

It was photographed in Cinemascope and Technicolor

A flying Pterodactyl, a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and a swimming elasmosaurus were just three of the creatues encountered by Navy Scientist Jack Mahoney as leader of the expedition in ‘The Land Unkown’.

The setting was a strange and mysterious warm-water area in the middle of the Antarctic which Jack Mahoney in the company of lady news reporter Shawn Smith, helicopter pilot William Reynolds and mechanic Phil Harvey discover when the helicopter they are travelling in collides with a Pterodactyl, forcing the party to descend through heavy fog into a warm subterranean chasm.

Special effects men Fred Knoth, Orien Ernest and Jack Kevan did wonders in boosting this modest sci-fi adventure into the realms of the impressive – at least by the standards of the day – they were very good effects in reality.

Wlliam Alland’s Cinemascope Production also had Henry Brandon as a Scientist who was also a member of Admiral Byrd’s 1947 expedition to the South Pole, and ten years previously had also crashed into this strange prehistoric world and whose mind is now twisted to the point of madness.

In Cinemascope – see the exciting trailer below :

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