Princess of the Nile 1954

This film, has really good  performances from Debra Paget as a princess,  Michael Rennie as the villain, and a handsome young Jeffrey Hunter.

The film is a  colourful adventure – the sort of thing we all loved in those days – and maybe still do.

Princess of the Nile 1954


There was also a very good supporting cat of classically-trained actors such as Michael Ansara, Edgar Barrier, Wally Cassell, Jack Elam and Dona Drake not normally found – you would think – together in one “B” film ;


Debra Pagett


This is the film that made Debra Paget a star, and rarely has an actress dominated a film so completely. From the moment she is first revealed–practicing an exotic dance, no less–to the the last scene of the film, Debra Paget remains the apple of the camera’s eye. Whether dancing seductively before spellbound soldiers, bargaining with duplicitous courtiers, or swinging a scimitar she brings the film’s  character to life with a cinematic charisma that is  spellbinding.

While the film is generally remembered as a showcase for Debra Paget’s performance  and impact, it is in fact a fine all-round action film.

Jeffrey Hunter and Michael Rennie are effective as the story’s hero and villain, and their rivalry builds to it’s inevitable conclusion. There’s never a dull moment either, and between the marauding soldiers under Rennie’s banner,  and a bunch of  heroic thieves, the story moves on at a pace.

Princess of the Nile


BOVE – with Jeffrey Hunter Princess of the Nile 1954

An excellent adventure from the days of classic Hollywood, Princess of the Nile is as enchanting as it is exciting and a colourful showcase for the wonderful talents of Debra Paget.


Debra  Paget should have had a longer career. She appeared in some well known  films such as  “The Ten Commandments,” “Love Me Tender,” “White Feather,” “Demetrius and the Gladiators,” and the list goes on – I had almost forgotten ‘Broken Arrow’ with James Stewart.

White Feather

White Feather – again with Jeffrey Hunter ABOVE



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