Princess of the Nile 1954 – Debra Paget

This film seems to get really good reviews from all who have seen it. From 20th Century Fox – it is in Technicolor and boasts romance, excitement, intrigue and action and the beautiful Debra Paget

“Princess of the Nile,” is 20th Century Fox’s Fox’s in Hollywood’s mid-’50s fascination with these tales – we had “Land of the Pharoahs,” “Valley of the Kings,” and more.

Pure, unadulterated, mindless fun and we loved it , lavishly produced (low-budgeted but using sets and costumes left over from “The Robe,” this Technicolor spectacle looks like it cost millions.

The film offers the audiences the delectable sight of Debra Paget wearing an assortment of veils.

Fox’s handsomest young contract player, Jeffrey Hungter is the male lead opposite Debra Paget who is top=-billed I am pleased to say, while Michael Rennie lurks around in the background, plotting who knows what.

Debra Paget and Jeffrey Hunter were again cast together a few years later in “White Feather”.

“Princess of the Nile” still stands in a class by itself as a cheerfully mindless, breathlessly fast-paced, dazzling testament to the glories of Technicolor.

Put this one as a classic at the top of your list in terms of colouful adventure and great fun.

Debra Paget ABOVE

Debra Paget, from a very young age, had been in films and she got a good, and very early break when she was cast opposite James Stewart – two years or more before this – in a classic Western ‘Broken Arrow’

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