Paddy Ryan – Stuntman in action in Ivanhoe at Torquilstone castle

One of the most famous – and remembered stunts in 50s film history is this 100 ft dive from the top of Torquilstone Castle in Ivanhoe 1952. Although there are a lot of stunts in this film, there is one that stands out  and that is Paddy Ryan’s fall.  This was reported to be the highest fall at that time in films.



Mind you the publicity machine would be pleased to use this in the run up to the film release in 1952

Ivanhoe 1952

In the film Ivanhoe openly rides to Torquilstone castle to give himself up to the Normans if they will release his father and other hostages.

Ivanhoe 2 1952

Stuntman Paddy Ryan’s fall from the battlements of a castle into the moat below, became the stuff of legend amongst his stuntmen peers because it was so spectacular.

Ivanhoe 3 1952

Torqilstone Castle was built for the film in the grounds of the MGM Studios at Boreham Wood in Hertfordhsire – and in  fact was kept there for and used in later films of the mid Fifties.

Somewhere in my collection of Film Books / Annuals of the time, I have another – and better picture of this fall, so will try to look that up for a later article on this site – and we will also come back to Torqilsone Castle.

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