Movie Memories Magazine – again – the Spring Issue

I am reminded of the ‘waiting for a bus’ thing when they all come at once – Well this seems to have happened here due to my own foolishness with renewing my Subscription – now all done and dusted and here I am with an embarrassment of riches in the form of the wonderful ‘Movie Memories Magazines.  This one is the Spring Issue with Errol Flynn featured on the front cover

He is also on the back cover with a full colour poster of  ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’

I must at this stage mention an old friend – sadly no longer with us – David Small from Leicester who was probably the very biggest fan of Errol Flynn.

He had collected a huge amount of material on the star and was an expert on every film he ever made.

David was an great admirer of ‘The Adventure of Robin Hood’ with it’s great cast and astonishing Technicolor but I have to say, and told David so, that I personally preferred the Walt Disney Richard Todd version ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ released in 1952 and again in beautiful Technicolor. David disagreed with me on this – as do most people I have to say.

To me the 1952 Robin Hood had been filmed in England – a lot of it at Burnham Beeches – and this gave the production a more authentic feel I thought

For anyone who does not subscribe please have a look at their Web Site which is  – and I can recommend you subscribe and receive these magazines.

You will not be dis-appointed

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