‘Master of the World’ and ‘On The Fiddle’

This programme had these two very different films showing on the same bill but maybe that’s a good idea.

‘On The Fiddle’ had a big cast of well  known British stars with Sean Connery and Alfred Lynch who shared top billing – but also it had Cecil Parker, Wilfrid Hyde White, Stanley Holloway – and the list goes on. It even includes John Le Mesurier – but then again in those days he cropped up a great many films. He was always good though.


On The Fiddle


ABOVE:  Alfred Lynch and Sean Connery

Alfred Lynch had a  chirpy, unaffected appeal with a lot of charm, and on screen he will be remembered as the cockney soldier who, Bilko-like, devises scams and avoids active service in On the Fiddle (1961). He was top-billed in the comedy above Sean Connery, who played the gypsy friend Lynch recruits to help him fleece the soldiers by such schemes as selling rations and leave passes

Sean Connery was just a year away from playing James Bond in Dr. No

Double Bill 3


‘Master of the World’ starred Vincent Price who specialised in this type of role where he could really let rip in his own inimitable style, a mixture of hammy, camp and tongue in cheek – but somehow an appealing style.

Vincent Price

Vincent Price does his usual hammy bit, and if you like Vincent Price you will probably like the film.  He has made better films though such as “The Raven” and “The House On Haunted Hill”

Interesting to see Charles Bronson  in this film, where he plays John Strock -probably far from the best role he ever played in his career

Vincent Price 2

Vincent Price plays Robur, a mad inventor who has much the same anti-war mission as Captain Nemo in 20 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea – he captains a giant flying machine rather than a submarine, and flies around the world trying to end war by the threat of mass destruction.

The Film uses a lot of stock footage as it has been made on a limited budget

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2 Responses to “‘Master of the World’ and ‘On The Fiddle’”

  1. David Rayner says:

    I went to see both these films when they were new, a thought that makes me feel rather old.

    • Movieman says:

      David. I remember seeing ‘Master of the World’ but have no recollection of the other one. I was never a fan of Sean Connery who was close to stardom at this point – and Alfred Lynch I didn’t know a lot about so ‘On The Fiddle’ would not have had a great appeal to me. Vincent Price was on fine form in ‘Master of the World’ though – and I did like him !! Neil

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