Martita Hunt buys Fish and Chips


Maybe because the cast have just finished filming ‘Treasure Hunt’ one of the stars Martita Hunt is obviously feeling hungry – and celebrates with an ideal meal.

Martita Hunt


This film which also starred Jimmy Edwards was made by Romulus Films and this picture appeared in a magazine towards the end of 1952.

Treasure Hunt


Her role in Great Expectations (1946) would be her most famous .   As Miss Havisham, she had reprised her role from a  1939 stage adaptation.   Her performance in the film met with great acclaim – in a film which was wonderfully well cast throughout – her performance was at the very top of the list.

On critic wrote that she dominated the film’s early scenes, playing Miss Havisham as a  shabby figure, dressed in crumbling lace and linen.

She appeared in so many films and stage plays throughout her career – She was memorable as Queen Eleanor in Walt Disney’s The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men.

There was a wonderful scene in this film actually Sherwood Forest ( Burnham Beeches)  where her party were ambushed by soldiers posing as Robin’s outlaws – and when she climbs from her carriage, she, in regal style, speaks to one of the ‘outlaws’ and says ‘ Down on Your Knees you treacherous dog’

At this point Robin  and the real outlaws speed onto the scene and rescue the Royal party.


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