Man in the Saddle 1951

A good Western in Technicolor with plenty of action – what more could we want.

Plus Randolph Scott, Alexander Knox – I never would have thought of him in a Western but as the ‘baddie’ he was excellent – he was a very accomplished actor – then we had Ellen Drew – I remember her with Larry Parkes in ‘The Swordsman’ and also Joan Leslie.

So, all in all, a pretty good cast

‘Man in the Saddle’ is one featured on this 10 film Set

ABOVE – Alexander Knox and Ellen Drew

I always remember Alexander Knox for the film ‘The Night My Number came up’ which was a fascinating story of a dream of an aircaft flight that ended in disaster which when related in real life, gets so much into the minds of the people involved that it looks to be becoming self fulfilling.

Alexander Knox came to England in the early fifties – not long after ‘Man in the Saddle – where he pursued a long and successful career, mainly on the stage

He died in Berwick-Upon-Tweed

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