King of the Coral Sea 1954

Again an Australian film – this time starring Chips Rafferty

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King of the Coral Sea deserves a ten score because the love and passion by all concerned in the making of this little gem shows through on the screen.

Thew film was made on a budget of around 25,000 Pounds Sterling which is a meagre budget by any standards even in those days.

Chips Rafferty produced this film, and put nearly all of his own money into it – it came good though and recouped it’s costs within 3 months and went on to make a sizeable profit.

Much of the filming was done at Green Island – just off Cairns in Queensland, Australia

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King of The Coral Sea may not have the flashy Hollywood production values of a huge budget, but it does have a charm that has only increased as the years have gone by.

This film was also the screen debut of old Rod Taylor, ironically playing an American, an accent he had done often for Radio Dramas. He very soon after this had a part in ‘Long John Silver’ and from that film he was noticed by Hollywood Producers and so – off he went.

Charles Tingwell was also offered a Hollywood contract but he turned it down in favour of going to England where he forged a successful career, returning to Australia for good in the 1970’s.


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