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We have mentioned this beautiful young girl before on this Blog – and no doubt will do again. Joan Rice whose career got off to an astonishing start with Walt Disney’s The Story of Robin Hood in 1952 with Richard Todd in the title role  and then she went out to Fiji for Warner Bros to star with Burt Lancaster in ‘His Majesty O’Keefe’
Recently a friend of mine with another Blog received this email  from David Green, the first husband of movie actress Joan Rice (1930-1997 ). It simply said: “I am alive and well and live in Las Vegas.    Joan and my son Michael died over 10 years ago in the South of France. His 2 daughters live in Holland. David Green.”

David Green and Joan Rice

A week later David Green’s wife sent my friend this lovely picture of Joan and David at their engagement in London. This must have been taken during the beginning of 1953 and quite possibly at The Kiss Korner club, which was owned by his father, the comic Harry Green. The Kiss Korner club encouraged the celebrities of the time to sign their autographs on the walls; if you look carefully in the top right hand corner some signatures can be seen.


Looking into these facts it would seem that Michael the son – and only child – of Joan Rice and David Green would only be in his late forties when he died . The son  Michael was born on Christmas Day 1953.  Joan’s family have also indicated that he tragically committed suicide in the 1990’s which is very sad indeed.

Joan Rice and David Green get married 1953 – above.

Cutting the Cake – above.

                                                                      Joan Rice and her son Michael – above

The stark facts below are from imdb – but I do really think that this does not do justice to a beautiful young girl who in film terms ‘almost conquered the World’

Educated at a convent in Nottingham.

Worked as a waitress in Lyon’s Restaurant in London in 1949.

Operated an estate agency in Maidenhead, Berkshire, in the 1970’s.

However Joan Rice  is, and always has been a favourite of mine





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