Hand In Hand 1961 More Pictures from the Film

I certainly got myself very interested in this film after doing the article yesterday – and I have again to thank David Rayner – a regular contributor to this Blog  very much indeed for filling in some details about this one that I did not know.

David let me have the following information :-

Although the film was made in the spring of 1960, under the title ‘The Star and The Cross’, Warner-Pathe couldn’t decide what to do with it. So it was left on the shelf for three years in this country, finally going out on the ABC circuit in April, 1963, as the support to the Tony Hancock comedy ‘The Punch and Judy Man’. Conversely, Columbia Pictures picked it up for distribution in the United States in 1961, so the Americans got to see it before the Brits. It’s a totally unique and wonderful film and you should get the Network DVD of it and see it for yourself. I have a large number of publicity stills for it, as well as theme music on a Decca 45 rpm single by Stanley Black, his Piano and Orchestra, that was released in April, 1963.


As far as I know, Loretta Parry is still with us at the age of 68, but unfortunately, Philip Needs passed away after a long illness in March, 2016, aged 65.

The two youngsters played by Philip Needs and Loretta Parry decide to run away together and start their journey in a small rowing boat – but not long into their voyage the boat capsizes

Hand In Hand 1961 11

Setting Off for Africa ABOVE

Hand In Hand 1961 3

They look to be going well – but then come to a weir and go over it with dangerous consequences

Hand In Hand 1961 2

Michael pulls Rachel from the water ABOVE

Hand In Hand 1961

Michael pulls Rachel onto safer ground

Hand In Hand 1961 12


Michael runs for help ABOVE

All of this was filmed in and around St.Albans

Just to whet your appetite for the film –  the Trailer can be viewed on Youtube – and very good it is. Please take a look !!

Hand in Hand 1961





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