Fu Manchu – Christopher Lee

This was a productive role for Christopher Lee – I hadn’t realised that he had made Three such films but in fact, looking further into it, I discovered that had actually made five of them. These three came between 1965 and 1968 and were churned out quite quickly you would, think although they were in Colour and had some good actors

This one – ABOVE – also starred Douglas Wilmer as Nayland Smith – Fu Manch’s arch enemy – and Howard Marion-Crawford

The Brides of Fu Manchu – Christopher Lee

‘The Brides of Fu Manchu’ again had those two as well as Burt Kwouk

Richard Greene this time played Nayland Smith in ‘The Blood of Fu Manchu’ as well as Howard Marion-Crawford and this time Shirley Eaton.

Harry Towers was the producer who had started in Television, then tried his hand with ‘Death Drums Along the River’ starring Richard Todd and filmed in Africa. It wasn’t a bad film at all and so next he made ‘Mozambique’ with Steve Cochran, and staying in Africa, he again used Richard Todd in ‘Coast of Skeletons’ and this one had Dale Robertson in the cast. I wouldn’t know how they performed at the Box Office but I would think fairly average

Not long after that he produced these three films and a great many more.

Richard Todd in a scene from ‘Death Drums Along The River’

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