Film Stars fly away and arrive at the Airport


Air travel with BOAC in those days – often on the Comet Airliner – but also with the Trans Atlantic Strato-Cruiser which seemed to be used on the New York flights from what we see here


It's Quicker By Air

It's Quicker By Air 2

On Their travels


ABOVE:  Rock Hudson and Maxwell Reed at Blackbushe Aerodrome in Surrey – leave to film ‘Sea Devils’

Blackbushe Aerodrome was used as a major location for the 1956 film  ‘The Crooked Sky’

Earlier than this in 1951 the  airport was also used as a filming location during the making of the  film ‘No Highway in the Sky’ 1951  directed by Henry Koster, starring James Stewart,  Marlene Dietrich and Jack Hawkins.


On Their travels 2


ABOVE:  Leaving for Johannesburg – Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli – well before the Bond days – and Anthony Bushell

On Their travels 3


ABOVE – Ann Todd and David Lean admire a model of the Comet Jet Airliner on view at London Airport


On Their travels 4


ABOVE:  Sir Ralph and Lady Richardson ( Meriel Forbes) in front of the Comet Jet Airliner at London Airport on their flight to Entebbe in Africa

On Their travels 5


ABOVE: George Raft boarding the Comet Jet Airliner on his way to a short holiday in Rome – He was making a film in England at the time.

On Their Travels 6


ABOVE: Yvonne De Carlo boarding a Monarch Strato-cruiser bound for New York

On Their Travels 7


ABOVE:  Howard Duff with his wife Ida Lupino disembarking the Strato-cruiser on arrival in England from New York

On Their Travels 8


ABOVE:  Loading his Jaguar XK 140 sports car is Clark Gable on a trip to the Continent.

On Their Travels 9

ABOVE:   Mrs Redgrave ( Rachel Kempson ) and her Daughter Vanessa bidding Goodbye to her husband Sir Michael Redgrave at London Airport as he left for New York.

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  1. David Rayner says:

    At nearly 73, I have never flown and have never been out of England. I’ve also never been on a ship. So I was born here and will die here without ever leaving these shores. Chaos at airports and the collapse of travel companies have never concerned me.

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