Film Magazines of the Fifties


There were a great many daily, weekly, monthly magazines published in the early fifties detailing and promoting what we could see coming to our local cinemas.


Picturegoer and French Film Magazine

Picture Show used to be my own favourite, but we had Picturegoer as well.

Two Film Magazines

I acquired the ones above – a French Colour Magazine ‘Cinemonde’ and the other is probably a ‘one-off’ publication ‘Screen News’

Picture Show Magazine


Picture Show Magazine 2


Picture Show above –  I bought it every week as a lad, just to keep up with all the film news – and read about what we could expect at our local cinema some weeks or months ahead


Photoplay Magazine


Photoplay Magazine ABOVE  Apparently  this was an American Film Magazine published from 1920 until  1980. It was a very good magazine regarding films of the time.

Really interesting ones I have come across recently have been Cinema Studio and To-Days Cinema which incredibly looks as though it may even have been a DAILY magazine. This would really  underline just  how many films were being released each week in that era.

Cinema Studio Magazine


Cinema Studio Magazine 2

To further illustrate this point in the 1951 Western Film Annual there were as many as 107 Western films alone released during that year.

Western Film Annual 1951

1951 Western Film Annual with many pictures and details of all the Westerns of the Year – and those to come

Western Film Annual 1951 2

I have opened this page in The Western Film Annual – mainly to show one of my all-time favourite Westerns – ‘Distant Drums’ with Gary Cooper and Mari Aldon



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