Errol Flynn – San Antonio

A classic Western with Errol Flynn

Released just after the War had ended, WarnerBrothers pulled out all the stops when they made this one. Both the colour cinematography, photographed by Bert Glennon and overseen by Technicolor Corporation’s top adviser Natalie Kalmus.

Instead of just using the standard Western Town set, Warners made it look like old San Antonio.

Errol Flynn’s leading lady is Alexis Smith the topping the cast with support from John Litel and the very funny couple played by Cuddles Sakall and Florence Bates.

This is one of the most extravagant Westerns made – certainly of that era – and it did well at the Box Office both in the USA and Worldwide

SAN ANTONIO. Warner Brothers, 1945.Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, “Cuddles” Sakall, Victor Franken, John Litel, Paul Kelly and Tom Tyler. Written by Alan Le May and W. R. Burnett. Music by Max Steiner. Directed by David Butler, Robert Florey (uncredited) and Raoul Walsh (uncredited).


Errol  Flynn plays Clay Hardin, a South Texas rancher shot to pieces sometime before the film starts – he is recovering from his wounds in Mexico and gathering evidence against Paul Kelly, who heads up a gang of organised rustlers preying on honest cattlemen.

As the film opens, Errol Flynn has managed to get hold of vital evidence that will convict Kelly, and means to make his way to San Antonio through outlaw-infested territory to get his man — and along the way time to romance itinerant singer Alexis Smith.


Paul Kelly owns the nightclub saloon where Alexis Smith performs and he has a treacherous partner in Victor Franken.

There is a saloon-wrecking brawl and shoot-out which is well staged

There are also as couple of quieter moments – with Errol Flynn looking visibly shaken after killing Tom Tyler in the street. Well acted by Errol Flynn

All in all, a pretty good Western

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