Easter Parade


In this film you have top say – just look at the Technicolor – Those Technicolor films in the ’40s and 50s were beautiful, as this one certainly is.

Easter Parade


For entertainment, you get Fred Astaire dancing, Judy Garland singing, Ann Miller dancing, and Peter Lawford singing. I didn’t know that Peter Lawford could sing, but he’s not bad in this one.


Fred Astaire and Ann Miller


Fred Astaire consistently amazed audiences with his innovative dance routines and smooth style. He does a number here in a toy store that is really something!   Ann Miller – another wonderful dancer – also gives us a good tap number and Judy Garland’s songs are all winners.


Fred Astaire and Judy Garland


“Easter Parade” is definitely one of the best musicals ever produced by MGM

The Film features over 16 songs by Irving Berlin and with a good story too


Judy Garland in Easter Parade


The story is about a famous dancer, played by Fred Astaire, who tries to build a new act with an inexperienced chorus girl whom he discovers (Judy Garland), after his former partner ( Ann Miller) leaves him to pursue a solo career. Of course, romantic complications enter the fray as well as both personal and professional jealousies


Easter Parade 2


Peter Lawford and Judy Garland


There are plenty of opportunities for each of the stars to show off their singing and dancing in almost iconic numbers like “Steppin’ Out with My Baby”, “Shakin’ the Blues Away”, and “A Couple of Swells”

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