Dual In the Jungle 1954

We have looked at this film before – it is quite a good adventure film set in Africa, Very colourful and full of action with a thrilling climatic finale.

However I came across this picture in an old Film Annual in fact the Cinema Clubs Annual  – I have collected a lot of them over the years and quite often just browse through them on an evening.

Duel In The Jungle

On the Jungle set of Dual In The Jungle at Elstree Studios – this shows stars Jeanne Crain and Dana Andrews showing youngsters Margaret Watson and Ian MacKay a souvenir from their travels.  I am sure this type of souvenir would NOT be acceptable today.

Dual in the Jungle 1

Dual in the Jungle 2


Portions of the film were shot in South Africa at Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, in Bechuanaland (now Botswana), and at Victoria Falls (on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border).

However an October 1953 Daily Variety news item stated that scenes were shot at Kruger National Park.

During production, this was the last film for assistant director Anthony Kelly. He died when he was thrown from his overturned canoe into a whirlpool on the Zambesi River and then into the jaws of crocodiles

Actually his body was never found and one of the theories is that he was eaten by crocodiles after he drowned whilst trying to save the camera equipment in the upturned boat.



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