Double Feature at the Majestic


Bomba and The Jungle Girl 1952.

This film in the Bomba series finds Johnny Sheffield both finding out his true identity and dealing with a usurper who has taken the leadership of the Masai tribe.

It seems as though Bomba’s real parents were government agents who knew the truth of the coup in the Masai tribe. Martin Wilkins is the usurper and he reals with help of Suzette Harbin who has the meatiest role in the film that of his daughter and chief enforcer. She’s a real piece of work and goes out in quite a fashion.

Helping Bomba is Walter Sande who is in the Masai village on a survey and his daughter Karen Sharpe and of course that symbol of jungle authority Commissioner Barnes as played by Leonard Mudie, the other recurring character in the Bomba series.

Kansas Territory 1952

The second film on the Double Feature has Joe Daniels  ( Bill Elliott billed here as Wild Bill Elliott ) returning to Kansas to kill the murderer of his bother. Surviving the attempt on his life he arrives to find everyone hates him because his brother was bad. He knew his brother to be good and believes they are all mistaken. When he finally finds the killer he also now realises that the townspeople were right. His brother had gone bad and deserved to die.

 The Majestic Cinema

We can only speculate as to where this cinema was – there used to be a Majestic Cinema in a Lincolnshire town – a cinema which is now sadly no more. Could have been that one.

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