Doris Day – One of the Greatest Stars in Hollywood History



Very sad to hear that Doris Day has died today although we have to say that she had reached the great age of 97


Doris Day


I make the claim in the title to this post of her being ‘One of the Greatest Stars in Hollywood history’ – and I stick by that

On Moonlight Bay


When it comes to ranking stars of a golden period in Hollywood, she would be in the very top echelon. I cannot think of another who compares to her.


By the Light of the Silvery Moon

The two films ABOVE were highly successful at the Box Office as was the one that followed it – Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

-ABOVE  Scenes from  Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane 2

-ABOVE and BELOW –  Scenes from  Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane 3

I was listening this evening to a BBC Radio 4 programme paying tribute to Doris Day and it began with clips from the songs ‘The Deadwood Stage’  ‘ Secret Love’ and ‘ Que Sere Sera’ – and believe you me, they sounded wonderful – I had forgotten how good they were.

Reminiscing as you tend to do on these occasions, I always remember living in a village over 40 years ago, and there was a man in the local pub who had in the past over many years shown films in the local village hall – and these had been very popular.

He told me about it quite often, as he knew I was interested in the films – and he said that he had shown the film ‘Young at Heart’ with Doris Day and he described how wonderful it was to hear the projector and see the film  IN CLOUR as he stressed – and how lovely it had looked on the screen.  He of course mentioned Doris Day.  He seemed at that time almost lost in another world.  That little memory of how he described it and loved it, stays with me to this  day.

I can see and hear him now even though he was not someone I knew well at all.  Just a memory for me of Doris Day

This does not do justice I know to such a great star but I felt that today this had to be written.

I intend to  return to Doris Day in the future on this Blog

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