Royal Command Performance 1948 – Alan Ladd meets the Queen Mother

The Heading I have used states the  ‘Queen Mother’  but that is more to identify her, as we knew her for so long – but in fact at this point of course in 1948,  she was The Queen although not the Monarch.

he Royal Command Performance was for the premiere of ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ on November 20, 1948.

Royal Command Performance Alan Ladd

Here she is meeting celebrities at the Empire Leicester Square in London.  She is seen greeting Alan Ladd who quite rightly bows – and to the Left of him is Vivien Leigh – than to the right of him is his wife Sue Carroll, then Jean Kent and Glynis Johns -( who would be very young at the time) – and in the picture on the far right is Princess Margaret.

Alan Ladd in London 2

Above – Another picture at the same event – Alan Ladd and his wife arrive at the Empire Leicester Square.

Ronald Reagan and Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal and Ronald Reagan at the Royal Command Film Performance of Scott of the Antarctic at the Empire Theatre in London on November 20, 1948.

I had not realised this but of course Ronald Reagan and Patricia Neal were here in England to film ‘The Hasty Heart with Richard Todd.  I had not realised that they were here at the same time as  Alan Ladd, although as far as I can see Alan Ladd was not here to make a film – but he was here quite a bit in the early fifties for The Black Knight and The Red Beret.

I did read somewhere, and have it in my mind. that Alan Ladd would not travel by air – it seems he had a fear of flying.   Not sure if that is true but I as reminded of it when this 1948 snippet came up and wondered how he had travelled.

It seems from the picture below he did sail to England on the Cunard  White Star R.M.S. Mauretania

Heading for England 1948


Heading for England 1948 2 Alan Ladd, Joan Caulfield, Patricia Neal, Michael O’Shea, Virginia Mayo, and Sue Carol Ladd sign a black and white publicity photograph of themselves on the deck of theCunard White Star R.M.S. Mauretania

Heading for England 1948 3

ALAN LADD with is Wife SUE CAROL LADD – on board the Cunard White Star R.M.S. Mauretania

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  1. David Rayner says:

    There is a Pathe News report on this Royal Command Film Performance on YouTube. The then nine years old Bobby Henrey, sensational star of “The Fallen Idol”, released a month or so earlier, was chosen to present a bouquet of orchids that he had put together himself, to the Queen,

  2. David Rayner says:


    • Movieman says:

      David. Thanks for this very interesting film clip. Certainly adds to the post that we did. Neil

  3. David Rayner says:

    Three posts above awaiting moderation.

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