Diane Cilento – The Persuaders – at Pinewood

This is a photograph of Diane Cilento explaining something that is going on in the filming of ‘The Persuaders’ at Pinewood back in 1971

I have included this article because, although this is not technically a 50 s snippet but many of the actors mentioned here had careers at that time in film land

Also in the picture is Roy Goddard the Pinewood Executive

Nichols Ridley, at that time, Films Minister, went to Pinewood on his first official visit since he took up the job – as reported in ‘The Studio’ magazine of Friday 9th July 1971. He spent three and a half hours there and met Executives Kip Herron, Denis Holland and Jack Horn there, then took a look at the sets where ‘Diamonds are Forever’ then ‘David and Catriona’ as well as this episode of ‘The Persuaders’ were being filmed.

The episode that she was in – and is being filmed here – is ‘A Death in the Family’

Members of Brett Sinclair’s family are being murdered to stop them gaining the title of duke. Who is the killer?

This mystery is presented with a light touch. There are also some interesting demises for the relatives – one or two almost Shakespearean. Guest stars include Denholm Elliott, Willie Rushton, and Roger Moore even plays his own elderly aunt.

With guns, poison, bombs, dummies, bagpipes and many other things featuring in the plot, this episode keeps you guessing and keeps you smiling.

The odd couple of Roger Moore as Brett Sinclair and Tony Curtis as brash American Danny works well, and the cast look as if they are having a great time.

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